My brand was launched 3 years ago, when I was about to graduate as a Dietitian and Nutritionist. I decided to start my own business, so I began giving professional consultancies to friends and fellows, while undertaking a series of healthy and vegan food courses in order to broaden my knowledge to provide delicious and healthy recipes to my patients, which I loved to do!

Diana Celi Pereira - CEO Life Choice

We are a loyal brand to our customers. The brand was created due to the lack of food options for children or adults suffering from food intolerances. We are compromise with all the steps that involves the production of our products, therefore, Life Choice ensures the quality of every product. At the same time, we are always willing to improve our techniques so that we could provide a high quality product to our customers.

Life Choice is the only brand on the market that does not contain:

Life Choice recipe formulations are developed by nutritionists. Our recipes are focused for all type of people that suffer from food intolerances (celiac, autistic, diabetics, obese, hypertensive, etc.) Besides working with certified raw material (kosher, organic, free of transgenic and fair trade), Life Choice encourages the local commerce since our raw material is supplied from small producers from Esmeraldas and the amazon region of Ecuador.

Diana Celi Pereira - CEO Life Choice

Thanks to our loyal clients and their recommendations we have been on the front page of many national newspapers, such as “El Universo (Ver Reportaje), ”El Expreso (Ver Reportaje)”, “La Nación (Ver Reportaje)”, “Revista Líderes (Ver Reportaje)”, ", among others. Currently, we have our products in more than 100 national sale points, including organic stores, healthy restaurants and supermarkets such as Supermaxi”.